Environmentally Sustainable Development

Thermal performance of residential buildings is guaranteed because Windtech Consultants use accredited certifiers. They are also accredited to perform NABERS ratings for office and business hotel buildings with their understanding of the concepts of energy efficient designs, having provided consulting services to the architectural profession in Natural Ventilation, Daylight and Solar Access since 1996. With such vast experience they are able to identify cost-effective treatments which dramatically reduce the amount of energy used for heating and cooling of the various dwellings.

Using wind tunnel testing Windtech Consultants are able to provide accurate and reliable predictions of the wind speeds and corresponding power output from proposed wind turbines. Wind tunnel testing is a reliable technique because of the accuracy it provides compared to other CFD techniques. CFD modelling techniques, when compared with our wind tunnel modelling has been shown to be inaccurate by as much as 50% when working on the same project.

Case Study: Richard Johnson Square, Sydney

For the top of this tower building a row of vertical axis wind turbines were proposed. Wind tunnel modelling by Windtech was used to reliably predict the wind speeds at each turbine for the 16 compass directions. A relationship was established at wind turbine hub height and airport meteorological recordings  so the client could undertake their own feasibility study.